Windows 11 Release Date, Windows 11 Launch Event, Features and More

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Windows 11 is madly preaching out its releasing rumors

Microsoft, the giant software maker is preparing to announce a new Windows 11 at their June 24th event. The company teased the announcement with an invitation including images of a new logo. The design includes light shining through two vertical bars through creating an outline that very closely resembles the number ‘11’, because of the name of –Windows 11.

Windows 11 is madly preaching out its releasing rumors

It might be promising to show the “next generation” of Windows, but recent hints suggest they are working on something much more crucial than a simple update. According to new rumors, Microsoft is going back in time and naming their next operating system after an old one—this is ‘Windows 11’

It’s been a long time since Microsoft has had this much excitement for any of their products, as Yusuf Mehdi, the Microsoft executive points out—since the Windows 95 released that made people excited at that time, This is now in the same way they are trying to show with anticipation about Windows 11 on 24th June this month of 2021. The event will take place at 11 am ET/8 am PT.


Windows 10 has been a major update to Windows 11 for Microsoft’s ecosystem and the new version will likely be no exception, says Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO. It is anticipated that this event will include more than just visual changes, including significant updates to how users interact with Windows systems as well. Moreover, rumors have suggested there may even be some larger-than-life announcements in store such as an entirely new logo or service announcement—not related to operating system development at all!

Microsoft has announced that they will be discontinuing the Windows 10X OS built for dual-screen devices. The company is instead rolling all visual elements of it into the main version of Windows 10 to create a better platform in terms of elegance and ease of use.

Microsoft also hints about some more work on what was already started with new system icons, File Explorer improvements, and ending 95 era icons from windows 9x series such as animated cursors—they were made popular by “Paint”. They also plan to focus on improving basic foundations– like fixing app and rearranging issues when multiple monitors are used or adding Xbox Auto HDR feature among many others changes related to audio support via Bluetooth.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has been working to make its Windows operating system more appealing in the wake of long-time rival Apple, and we might get a preview on how it will do this with an update to its app store.

Nadella also promised that the developers would be able to find success within Microsoft’s platforms. In addition, he commented on potential changes coming for the company’s own app store—which could include opening up access beyond just their software or allowing payments from other systems like Google Play Store—it’s exciting!


Windows 11 Features Rumor

Windows 11 is rumored to have a refreshed look. Rumors point towards what we can expect from the update, and here’s some speculation about how it might be implemented in Windows 11:

The latest rumors suggest that there will be more dynamic features for managing app for windows on-screen edges that are similar to Apple’s feature called DockUp. This would make apps easier to access by minimizing their footprint on your desktop while still having them quickly accessible when needed— which seems like an intuitive design choice given where our fingers typically rest as they tap or scroll across touch screens with displays of various sizes.

Windows had been undergoing significant updates since its release back in 1995, including major upgrades such as Vista 7.


A New Look For Windows 11

Windows Insiders have already been given a sneak peek of the new Windows’ UI, with many icons given their most dramatic design change since Windows 7. The latest Insider releases are all about redesigning and personalizing users’ experience on the OS. With that in mind, Microsoft’s designers want to know which font you prefer over Calibri for text elements throughout devices running Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later.


Windows 11 New OS Features

Microsoft is reportedly planning to include battery usage statistics in the Settings app and will be adding a bunch of new features from their huge buzzing “Sun Valley” operating system. Windows 11 users can expect more customization options such as uninstalling most pre-installed apps (excluding Microsoft’s ones).

Finally, the taskbar will no longer take up space in your File Explorer. This change is sure to reduce confusion and make file management easier for many Windows users!


Tablets Improvement on Windows 11

The Windows team is doing their utmost to make sure that tablet mode becomes one of the most important features for all future tablets introduced by Microsoft. Pen and voice inputs are both expected to be refined as well—with a new UI for voice commands and context menu that is coming soon on 24th June this year!


It’s shocking!

Windows 10 is saying good-bye its updates and security patches in 2025

Microsoft has been putting out great operating systems for decades, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be around forever. On October 14th, 2025 Microsoft will retire Windows 10 and stop providing updates or security patches for Windows 10.

This is a concern since many people still use older versions because their computers cannot run newer ones due to hardware limitations such as not having enough RAM space, which can slow down some devices excessively with only one gigabyte. However, while it may seem like time is running short if you want Windows then now would be the best time to think of Windows 11!

However, the end of Windows 10 live support will leave many users feeling abandoned and unsupported.


Let’s Know The Intuitive Features Of Windows 10 Before its Stopping Updates And Security Patches in 2025

This is assistive to compare Windows 10 with Windows 11

If you’ve stuck in years with the features of Windows 10, you’re probably pretty accustomed to basic actions like opening apps and creating documents. But there are still plenty of ways that your productivity can be boosted by features with new updates from Microsoft’s Windows 10. I’m highlighting five well-hidden but time-saving Windows 10 features in this post; they may not always make it into headlines, but these little tricks will help put an end to unnecessary clicks and save more precious minutes for other tasks.


Mark up, Capture, and share any part of your screen is a wonderful thing on Windows 10. It would surprise most of us when we think about all the different ways our computer screens come in handy nowadays–from capturing screenshots and sharing them with friends via Twitter to copying an area from Google Maps, so as not to lose track of where we’re going to.

In Windows 10, everything is in one place. Press the “Windows” key and then type Shift + S to shift into screenshot mode. Choose your preferred capture option from the toolbar (full screen, window, rectangle, or freeform) by pressing enter after choosing it – you can also edit them later if desired with a built-in editor!

Windows 10 doesn’t keep you busy memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. Just using the Action Center—Click or tap Screen Snip and you’ll be able to capture anything on your screen. There’s no need for a PrtScrn key because this can all be done from within the Settings menu in Windows 10 beforehand.


Copy & Paste

The copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts are an essential tool for any office work that needs to efficiently input information into their workstation, whether they’re typing out reports or creating PowerPoint slides. Knowing how these two simple functions operate will help save time at work. So employees don’t end up being overworked later on while using a Windows 10 operating system!

Onedrive 5 GB Cloud Storage Free Of Cost

The Microsoft OneDrive is built into Windows 10, and it offers a free 5 GB of storage. If you have an Office 365 subscription, this increases to one terabyte for the account. Otherwise, if you don’t want or need any other features from office software like Word and Excel, Powerpoint, and more, then just signing up is everything with your email address on their website!


Touchpad Shortcut Is Great In Windows 10

Windows 10 was designed to work with a precision touchpad. To see if your laptop has one— go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad and look at the top of the page for a message that says, “Your PC has a Precision TouchPad.” If you don’t have this feature on your device, then Windows will not be able to take advantage of its functionality or shortcuts built into it by default. They are worth investing time in because they make switching between apps and desktops much easier while also saving some clicks over traditional methods like using Alt + Tab when moving more than two applications forward or backward respectively.

However, Windows 10 was designed with much more useful features that are going to a sound sleep on the arrival of Windows 11 on June 24 this year (2021).


Will there be windows 11?

According to the insider rumors, Windows 11 will be available for public use in 2021. The release of the Windows operating system has been announced, and it is speculated that its launch date may come at 24th June 2021 during Microsoft’s annual Build Conference.

Before going throughout Windows 11’s existence, we can see the history of Microsoft Windows release dates at a glance:

Windows OS Released Dates & Years
Windows 98 June 25, 1998
Windows 2000 February 17, 2000
Windows XP October 25, 2001
Windows 2003 April 24, 2003
Windows Vista November 30, 2006
Windows 7 October 22, 2009
Windows 8 October 26, 2012
Windows 8.1 October 29, 2013
Windows 10 July 29, 2015
Windows 11 Decision pending!!


Shoul I wait for windows 11?

Microsoft is set to unveil their next generation of Windows on June 24, but with today’s leak and internal build from the company itself, we have already known a lot. So for the the new version of Windows 11, you can wait a little bit.

What happens when windows 10 support ends?

Windows 10 will reach its end of support in 2021. If you’re still using Windows 10, it might be time to consider upgrading to get full support for the steady operation of Microsoft ‘s windows operating system.

When will windows 11 come out?

As the rumors of Windows 11’s release date being pushed back, it seems like there might be another way to get your hands on Microsoft newest operating system. It is said that everything we hear, suggests otherwise as they are set for a late October release this year (2021) and have been in development since 2016.

Will windows be free for windows 10?

The rumors are true. Windows 11 is coming and it will be available for free to all users of Windows 10. So if you’re a windows user, don’t worry about the cost, just enjoy your new OS. In an effort to make sure that everyone has access to the latest version of this operating system, Microsoft is giving away this update free for windows 10 operating system users



Microsoft is releasing its latest operating system Windows 11 on October 2021. As the new release date set for months later, it’s been started being excited about all of the features and updates that will be coming with this newest installment in the Windows family. This blog post has provided a quick overview of some of what you can expect from Window 11. And, we hope it gets your gears turning as far as how you might utilize these changes within your requirements. If you want more information about Windows 11, however, keep in touch this blog site to get updates every after a day. You look forward to hearing from  us.

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