6 Reasons to Stop Watching TV and How to Do It

Stop Watching TV Benefits

We all know that watching too much TV is very bad for you and your health. We’ve heard it all before. The real question is do you know why watching too much TV is bad for you? There are multiple reasons!

We have adjusted our life to TV. Think about it, what is one of the first things you do when you walk into your house? For most people, it’s turning on the TV. Most people can’t just be in a quiet house. They must have the TV on, even if they’re not watching it, just the noise gives them comfort.

This was me growing up. As soon as I got home, I went straight for the remote and watched my spongebob show. It was a routine. I couldn’t just stay home without having the TV on. Who could, right?

And that is exactly the issue I want to bring up. TV is not all bad. It can be educational, comforting and even relaxing at times. Many people just take advantage of TV which can have consequences.

Stop Watching TV Benefits

6 Reasons to Stop Watching TV Benefits


This is no surprise. I’m talking more so for our children on this one. TV shows and movies that are advertised for children are getting worse and worse throughout the years. Adding an extra “bad word” in their. Not to mention the violence and sexual content. If you know the power of repetition then you know how much this affects the mind! Being that I use to watch spongebob over ten years ago and watching spongebob NOW are two different TV shows. That’s actually what gave me the idea.

The spongebob I use to watch was very funny. Yes, spongebob has always been silly, but now, they turned his character into a dumb and sick character! There is a difference between silly and being dumb. Again, when children watch this over and over again, they tend to pick up on certain things. Not to mention all the uncalled for sexual content they try to secretly throw in their.


Everyone has heard the term “couch potato” right? It’s true. How many times did you NOT get up because you were too comfortable watching your favorite TV show? Watching TV gives you some type of relaxing state of mind which causes you do just relax and not want to get up at all!


Do you grab a bag of chips and sit on the couch to watch a movie? After a long day of crazy work you just want to go home and sit on the couch to watch some TV and relax. Then realize that it’s time for dinner? But oh no, it’s too late for you too cook dinner now so you go get something fast to eat? Not to mention all the snaking people do while watching TV. Once in a while I’m sure it’s okay, but how about those who do this every day? Or even every other day? It will start catching up to you, eventually.


You love your TV too much that you just don’t want to come out and play. Especially if you’re already a introvert. You would just much rather stay home watching TV then to go out with friends. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t always a bad thing but you could be missing out on so many opportunities!


We all know this already. We stay up until the crack of dawn because we just “couldn’t go to sleep”. Then say it’s because we weren’t tired, so we watch TV to comfort us for hours! Little did you know that it’s actually the TV that keeps us up. Even if you truly feel that you’re not tired, by watching TV, it’s giving you something to do which means you’re brain will continue to work until you choose otherwise.

I would say to try it out! It’s actually extremely healthy for your brain to sleep in pitch dark. It lets your mind fully rest. Think about having the TV on, your brain still hears everything. Most people need to have the TV on for sound or even as funny as this may sound, even as a nightlight. However, this prevents you from having the full rim sleep your body and mind needs. No wonder why people wake up grumpy and tired with no type of energy! You’re not treating your body and mind right.


People don’t realize or even understand how much money is spent on advertisements? BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Why do people spend so much money to advertise their products? Because these people know the power of our brain and how it works. They understand the power of repetition. They understand how influential it can be to the mind, even when we are not aware of it.

For example, if a company is selling make up and you see their advertisements all around. Then you go to the store and find a whole bunch of different make up products. Most likely, being aware or not, people will pick up the brand that was advertised. Why? Number one, your brain likes things that are familiar. It’s a way of protecting you. Secondly, you may just like all the selling points of the advertisement. That’s why they spend BILLIONS of dollars for advertising, my friends.

SELF EDUCATING is so important to me! Once you understand how powerful your mind is, you want to feed it and protect it! Here is a perfect book about influencing our minds. We think we do things because we “like” it, reality, we do things because we are told to. This book will put things in perspective.

It can be a hard adjustment. It’s almost like hearing someone your whole life then out of no where they’re gone. Think about how much of a routine it is to get the remote. They probably don’t even remember how the TV got turned on. Your brain is on auto pilot, that’s why. It’s going to be different but I promise the change is so worth it! I don’t mean to confuse you. I’m not saying to completely throw your TV off your balcony. I’m just saying it would be such a healthy thing to do to cut back on TV.

People would be amazed what coming home to a quiet home after a long day at work can do for them. It will give you such a peaceful sense of relaxation. You are actually able to think your own thoughts!

Think about it this way. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who is always trying to talk over you? This is almost what TV does to you without you really realizing it because, well, it’s a TV. The point is, you can’t really think clearly because the TV is talking over you or it can even be influential, good or bad.


If you truly need some type of sound in your home. Again, it can be a comfort thing for some people. Instead of turning the TV on, play some of your favorite music! It does the soul good. Such a better alternative. My kids love when I play music in the house! Maybe yours will too.

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