Cool Red White Blue Nails Designs 4th July

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Apply These 14 Secret Techniques To Improve Nails Designs 4th July

Nails designs 4th of July. The Independence Day of the United States. In this day everyone wears stars and stripes in red, white and blue colors. Otherwise, the American observes the day in very festive mood. So, the 4th of July nails design is one them.

You can find the patterns and colors from everything to bikinis to T-shirts to flip-flops to nails. A manicure that matches the patterns and colors of the US flag is the chicest and easiest ways to add a touch of patriotism to your outfit. Here are 14 fantastic Independence Day nail designs that we have compiled that will definitely wow people!

Nails Designs 4th July

Nails designs 4th of July-1

Why only pick one design where you choose five of them? Show off all of your favorite blue, red and white colors on each hand with this outstandingly easy design.


Nail Design-2

Transform your half moon manicure into a whole new design by changing its base color into a pattern – red and silver stripes!


Nail Design-3

If your favorite color is red, but aren’t sure that if you love blue, then try this manicure – a super easy, stylish red-on-white design.


Nail Design 4

This 4th of July nail design may be a little time-consuming, but it’s totally worth it. Show your pride in your country by donning this blue-and-red woven nail pattern.


Nail Design 5

If you have a polka dress or anything else with polka dots that go on the 4th of July, then this nail design will look great on you. It’s super cute and so vintage.


Nail Design 6

Don’t want to wear red, but love to keep the white and blue? Then go for this angular chic nail design with a pointy half moon manicure.


Nail Design 7

If you love white stars, then you will adore this simple design. Simply paint white stars randomly on your nails (use can also use decals), and finish it with a clear coating on top.


Nail Design 8

If you like using glitter on your nails, then you’ll surely like this. First, color the nails with red and then sprinkle a pinch of glitter in the base of the nail. Apply a clear coat on top to finish.


Nail Design 9

Try this chic striped pattern nail design. After applying a clear coat, add white, red and blue stripes along the edges of your nails for a patriotic stand.


Nail Design 10

Nothing is more American that a big juicy burger and blue jeans with the stars and the striped American flag! You’ll turn heads with this design!


Nail Design 11

The inspiration for this 4th of July nails design comes from America’s favorite pastime and sport: baseball. Make your fingertip look extra cool while throwing the ball with your friends and family.


Nail Design 12

Use a nude or colorless coat for this manicure. Apply the red, blue and white colors without any particular order in a cloud shaped outline.


Nail Design 13

This is traditional American flag-inspired manicure design. You can achieve this using a few different techniques and some patience, like nail stamping and taping. Nonetheless, you’ll have a design that will show off your patriotism during the fireworks.

Nail Design 14

Color your nails with red, blue and white randomly with stars and stripes. But don’t forget to pop up a small heart on your pinky just to show how much you love this great land.


Conclusion: This is sheer truth that every people of a nation loves his or her country. So, every people of the country wants to show off his or her passion of love for country on any national program or occasion. However, this is not different for United States of America. So, the people of America want to keep their history of independence in a design on their nails. This is called 4th July nails. Because this is a kind of entertainment to them. The gala day is 4th July in 1776 for American.

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