10 Effective Methods On How To Use Bestway Hose Adapter

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Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve How To Use Bestway Hose Adapter

A Hose adapter is a type of connector, and it is commonly used in pool pumps. This hose adapter is used for the connection of one pool pump to another pump.

Do you want to convert your small pool pump into a large pool pump? If your answer is yes, then you can know the right procedure for upgrading the small pump to a large pump. For upgrading it, you need to know how to use bestway hose adapter. There are many types of hose adapters in the market. But we will only talk about bestway hose adapter in this article. If you want to upgrade your pool pump, you can easily do this by following the steps we have shown. So let’s get started.

How To Use Bestway Hose Adapter

Getting Know: How To Use Bestway Hose Adapter

Everything has its own set of rules. This is also nothing outside. If you want to upgrade your pump, these ten rules will make your job easier. Let’s have a look.

Step 01: Remove Strainer from inside of the pool and replace plugs

The strainer should be removed from both sides to stop the flow of water. By removing the strainer, you can better disassemble the pump and add a new one.

Step 02: Find and connect the hose adapter.

You will need this hose adapter when you go to add a new pump. So, connect the hose adapter to the new pump.

Step 03: Locate plunger valves and large strainers

Check the pump box you bought. There are two things to see. One is plunger valves, and the other is large fitting. But this large fitting is not required. This requires a small fitting. Don’t worry; you will find this fitting with your pump. Then all you have to do is find the plunger valves and disconnect them.

Step 04: Remove the strainer from the plungers and discard the strainer.

Then the strainer must be removed from the plungers. Let this be the old pump. It does not need now.

Step 05: Connect plunger valves to hose adapter for inlet and outlet

Now we have 2 strainers which are important in this work. The hose adapter you bought will have a black ring that will help create the seal. Make sure that the ring fits snugly over the head of the plunger’s valves.

Step 06: Close plunger valves and remove plugs from the inside pool.

Then we need to carefully close the plunger valves and remove the plug inside them. Then you will see that no water is coming out. Just press when you need water.

Step 07: Locate the hoses and screw them on to connect to plunger valves for both the inlet and outlet.

In this step, you need to find and connect the hose. You must use a screw to connect. It should fit well on both the inside and outside of the plunger valves.

Step 08: Screw to connect inlet and outlet hoses to the new pump

Now the hose adapter has to be installed inside and outside the new pump. The Hose adapter should be attached to the upper side of the pump through the screw.

Step 09: Open the valves and replace inlet and outlet filters inside the pool.

Then you need to open the valve and replace it on both sides of the pool. Now you can test by releasing water.

Step 10: Connect to power, turn on and release air filter chamber.

Now turn on the power, and after a while, you will see that the water has started flowing.

If you follow these ten steps well, you can easily convert your small pump to a big pump.

Final Verdict,

If you want to connect your small pump to a big pump, you need to know how to use bestway hose adapter. Because if you can’t connect the hose adapter, you can’t do this.

I hope you like this guideline. If you want to know more about this, you can email us or let us know by commenting.

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