How to Stop Snoring Immediately

The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Stop Snoring Immediately

You’re here because you either know someone who snores, LOVE someone who snores or you are the one snoring. Right? SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. Well, either way you came the right place! I am so passionate about this subject right here. Only because of all the experience and knowledge I have with this. Snoring- everyone thinks it’s “normal” or that “they’re just really tired.” Right? Please let me be the FIRST to say that your wrong! You are so very wrong, my friend. You, the person you know or loved one is in serious danger! Don’t freak out just yet, keep reading.

I’ve learned so much! Like how our oral health is very much connected to our overall health. Who would’ve thought that? Did you know that the plaque you have on your teeth is the same plaque build up in your heart arteries? Do you know how many people have built up in their heart arteries? Millions! Obviously leading to more serious cardiac issues.

So I know what you’re thinking. Teeth is related to snoring? Well no, not necessarily. Well, sort of. Stay with me.

How to Stop Snoring Immediately

I was very fortunate to work at an office with such “high tech” equipment. My favorite was our 3D Cone Beam X-Ray. It basically took a 3 dimensional image of your skull! With this one image we were able to see so many things about you and your health. Although we only needed two images that were (obviously) specified to teeth. The doctor always wanted me to check for TWO extra things in that image.

Although it took more time, money and memory to do so, the doctor always had a good heart. “We have the information, why not let them know? We are saving lives.” is what she would always say. The sinuses and the AIRWAY are the two most important images we were able to look at from the x-ray.

The sinuses was such a cool thing to look at, it helped hundreds of people! But I won’t get into that since that’s another issue.

I want to talk about the AIRWAY that I would measure from the 3D image. Let me first explain how powerful and life SAVING this machine was for thousands of people! That is why I am so passionate about it. I have seen and experience what people with sleep apnea have, the symptoms and cures. Which I will get to in just a second. Not to mention that my (at the time) 3 year old son would snore so loud!

I mean, I would wake up out of my sleep. He would jolt, have really bad night sweats, wake up screaming and crying because of bad dreams (not your typical monster dreams either.) That is actually why I would sleep with him every single night. I was afraid. Fast forward a year later, my son sleeps SO soundless! Peaceful! It’s beautiful! Yes, children can also have sleep apnea! SNORING IN ANY AGE, MALE OR FEMALE, IT IS NOT NORMAL!


I will use English and not dental terminology. An airway is basically the tube that you breathe from. Depending of the size  is how much air you are inhaling. Most importantly, if your airway is being constricted, then that means you are having issues breathing. The best way I can describe it for you is thinking of an airway as a straw.

Actually, that’s exactly it! Some people have the jumbo straws, being able to break twice or even triple the times as the average person. Which is more than wonderful for the health and brain. Unfortunately, some have very small airways, almost the size of a coffee stirrer.

Imagine breathing out of that? Now you see what I’m talking about? So when you hear me say “constricted” think of bending a straw, how hard will it be to breath out of a bended straw? There is a ONE MINUTE video towards the end that will explain EXACTLY what an airway is and how it correlates with sleep apnea.

Once I would measure the airway, I came to find out just by looking at the image that this person has sleep apnea. Unfortunately, 95% of people have no idea! Before we broke down the bad news, we asked a few questions. It almost felt like interrogation.

When you already know an answer, but ask all these questions to see what their answer is? Yep, that’s what we did. Think about it, you come in for braces, next thing you know you’re being told that you are dying in your sleep? Not expected at all.

These are the questions we asked those who had small airways in their 3D image.

  • Do you snore?
  • Does your wife/husband/friend/roommate mention that you snore?
  • Do you wake up feeling tired? Like you just got 1 hour of sleep, if that? (we would also take their bags under their eyes into consideration)
  • Do you jolt in the middle of the night?
  • Do you have dreams of falling out of an airplane? Or any sort of nightmare that you feel like you are falling in some sort?
  • Do you wake up out of those dreams out of breath?
  • Is your heart pacing when you wake from those dreams?
  • Do you fall asleep the second you sit on your couch?
  • Do you feel like falling asleep while driving? Or at the stop light?
  • Do you sleep on your back?
  • Do you walk into a room for something, then suddenly forget what you went into the room for?
  • Are you grouchy or moody all the time?
  • Do you have bad night sweats? Like you’re in the sauna?
  • Do you feel like you are out of breath sometimes? Maybe while running or even walking?
  • Do you feel exhausted 24/7?

If you said yes to the first two questions, then unfortunately, you probably have sleep apnea. The other questions are to confirm and to help you understand why it is you feel the way you do. We also asked these questions to see how bad your sleep apnea is.

Imagine someone asking you these questions, and you are continuing to answer YES to every single one. You now give them your full attention. you are now interested to know how they got inside of your mind. Did they just magically become mind readers? Or have been stalking you while you sleep? No!

Not to mention that many people coming in already had many heart problems like high blood pressure and blood clotting. Just remember, oxygen is very important and plays such a critical role in the blood in your body! Your blood, cells NEED oxygen to thrive!


Please let me break the myth now. Snoring is not normal. Although 40% or more of people snore, it is not normal. Many people believe that it’s only when they are extremely tired. THIS IS FALSE! This is so serious you guys! Not only does it cause many health issues, but they call it the silent killer. Many people die in their sleep from a heart attack DUE TO SLEEP APNEA! Not being able to breath correctly while they are asleep. Which is the scariest part about it. You are so unaware of what’s going on!

I wish I can type these noises so I will try my hardest to describe this. So everyone knows what snoring sounds like? However, when you hear someone snoring, even if it’s a mild and quiet snore, then they pause. Meaning they stop breathing for a few seconds, then jitter, you hear them take a deep breath in as they are trying to get comfortable again.

You know what I’m talking about right? It’s like they wake themselves out of their snoring but still asleep? Well this my friend, means you were dying. This time it might’ve been a few seconds. However, some don’t get to see the light of tomorrow. This is why you need to take this seriously! I don’t mean to scare you, but I do. You need to realize that this is your life on the line!

So let me tell you what happens when you snore and stop breathing at night. Your forcing your body, your heart to work double. What happens when you work your heart too much? Cardiac arrhythmia. Heart attack. When you stop breathing, everything stops. Your mind is creating a dream like falling out of an airplane, to get you to feel funny and WAKE UP.

This is the way your body is trying to save you and wake you up! By this time, your heart is pumping so fast that it can sometimes turn into a heart attack. So if you are one of the lucky ones, and you wake up out of breath and with your heart beating so fast. Let me tell you, it wasn’t your dream.

So now that I scared you half to death, what action are you going to take?

You need to go get a sleep study done. They can determine much more information than a single image. Like how many times you stop breathing in a minute. Yes, a minute! Do you even have that full RIM sleep? How many times are you tossing and turning? There are so many factors they look at. I remember a few patients would stop breathing 50 times in ONE second! How is that even possible?

So many of you are asking what causes snoring?

A few things actually, it can be more than just one.

  • Hereditary – The size of your airway could have been passed on? Did mom or dad snore growing up? That can be a big factor. I had so many patients comment on how their mom/dad passed away due to a heart attack. That’s when this information sunk in. This would always hit home for them. Because they then realized how serious it is.
  • Weight – It’s not a surprise that putting on too much weight can cause snoring. This is very true. The back wall of your airway is surrounded by fat. Too much can obviously cause constriction towards your airway. The great news is that, if you have this problem due to weight, then you can solve the problem by losing weight. Simple.
  • Enlarged tongue – Yes, this is a thing. Not common, but I’ve seen it a few times. Some people are just born with an extra big tongue. It’s pretty noticeable (from yourself) that you have a large tongue. Others won’t be able to tell, so don’t worry about that. The way you can tell if you have a large tongue is if you have teeth marks imprinted on your tongue. Or if you bite the sides of your tongue all the time. Being that the front wall of your airway if your tongue, you can see why having an enlarged tongue can cause a problem. There is surgery for this.
  • Tonsils – this my friend is what saved my three year old sons life! This is not common in adults. Out of the hundreds of patients we have seen with sleep apnea, only one adult ever had this issue. This is NOT common. However, if you have a CHILD who snores, who is not focused, who was probably diagnosed with ADHD, tired and sleepy all the time. Please have them checked out. I want to say children with sleep apnea, 9 out of 10 had enlarged tonsils! Their tonsils were so big that it was completely constricting their airway! Check my sons images below so you can have a visualization. Remember the straws we talked about? Imagine taking your two fingers and pinching that tiny straw. This is them breathing at night. No oxygen to the brain, then wonder why they can’t focus during the day. THEY ARE EXHAUSTED! THEY ARE GETTING NO OXYGEN TO THEIR BRAIN PEOPLE! Poor children having to take ADHD medicine for nothing. Wrongly diagnosed. Don’t do this to your children.
  • Constricted airway  -if you don’t have none of the above, then you are just a average normal person who has a small airway. Nothing you did wrong.

So what can you do? Now that you know why you’ve been exhausted.  Now you know how serious it is. What are you going to do about it?

I want to share with you all the options that I know of. From the worst to the most effective there is! So before I go on, I first want to say, sleep apnea is not curable, only maintained and controlled. EXCEPT. EXCEPT. EXPECT for one. Of course it’s the most outrageous, but I couldn’t begin to tell you how many different ways it would benefit and enhance your life!

Let’s get started. What are your options?


As much as I want to say this isn’t such a great effective option. It helped 1 out of ten people. It could be possible that you can fall into the “1.” The great thing about it is that it’s pretty cheap, it’s a sticker that runs across your nose helping opening up your airway. Great option to just try. It does not kill you to try. If it works, awesome! If not, then there ate more options don’t worry.


That’s right, a nose plug. This is really for mild snorers. It’s pretty convenient, very affordable and is meant to last you a long time. No need to dispose and continue buying more. It’s a one time deal. Not the most effective, but just like the nose strips, it wouldn’t hurt to try. If I had to choose between the nose strip or the nose plug. It would be the nose plug. It’s small, clear and out of the way.


That’s right. You heard right. It may be time to start losing weight. Everyone knows when they gain a few pounds, no one needs to point it out and tell you. Ask yourself, did you snore when you were younger? Do you think this problem started when the weight gain begun? Most don’t pay attention. How could you? You’re asleep? It’s amazing what some cardio can do for your heart and just overall health. You should really consider changing your eating habits as well.


Everyone knows about the infamous c-pap machine. It is basically a breathing machine that you put on before you go to sleep. This is literally only 20% effective. The reason why is because no one wants to wear a mask that is tied to your face, making you feel claustrophobic throughout your sleep. Who can sleep with that on? Not to mention


Like I said earlier, this is not common in adults at all. However it is extremely, highly common in children! I know most mothers dread the word surgery when it comes to their children. However, I have never wanted something so bad for m son. Of course I was fortunate to be in an industry where I knew this information like the back of my hand, I have seen children transform (like night and day!) and I knew the best surgeons!

Children who were on ADHD medication, got the surgery, and 6 months later this same child who was diagnosed with ADHD was in honors math! A child who couldn’t “focus”, constantly sleep and tired, failing in school, was now in honors math. Incredible! After seeing hundreds of children transform. I knew that’s what I wanted to do for my son.

I would never want him to live his life with not being able to think clearly. He’s a child and has the rest of his life to live. Why would any mother want to have their child struggle. I will go more in depth with how drastic that surgery has changed my son’s life! Another reason why I am so passionate about this. Find an experience ENT doctor that can help you with this. Make sure to express your concern about snoring.


I already know what you’re thinking. Again, this is so uncommon, but it’s real. There is a surgery that can reduce the size of your tongue. I know many are thinking, “that must be a painful recovery” and actually, it’s not. Your tongue is the fastest healing body part you have. I’m telling you, many people don’t know how amazing their oral health is. We have so many enzymes in our saliva that it helps with the healing process a lot faster. Find yourself a good and experience Oral Surgeon for this one.


If you want to know the complete cure for sleep apnea, this is it. KEEP AN OPEN MIND!


I can already picture your face. But before you continue to scroll down, please give me a couple more minutes to explain. I know you’re thinking there is no way you are getting any type of surgery to your face. I get it. Trust me, I’ve seen so many reactions, I have answered so many questions about this.

I am ready to answer any questions you have about any of this. Comment below or please feel welcomed to contact me. Let me first tell you how amazingly beautiful and handsome people come out after this procedure! I know that’s more cosmetic talking, but I just wanted to point that out.

It seriously makes people look 10-15 years younger NO KIDDING! Now, how can getting jaw surgery help? Well when you get a double jaw advancement, you are basically moving both of your upper and lower (the doctor will be able to determine if you need both or maybe just one) jaw forward by 10 millimeters.

Yeah I know that sounds like a mile but it’s actually smaller than half an inch! There is 25.4 millimeters in 1 inch. They would be advancing 10 millimeters. Just so you can have a visualizing. By moving your jaws forward your airway expands by (MINIMUM) three times the size of an average airway! Life changing surgery right here. The plus side is getting the beautiful cosmetic results from it as well.

Please watch this ONE MINTE video on jaw surgery and sleep apnea so you can have a visual and better understanding. Not only will jaw surgery GET RID OF YOUR SNORING FOREVER, but how it will ENHANCE your life in ways you never knew!


Not just the fact that you will probably die much sooner than you have to.

But let’s talk about your life before you pass on. Do you want to live a life where you are constantly tired all the time? Do you even realize how important sleep is for your body and mind? If you don’t have the proper sleep, you get sleep deprivation.

You won’t be able to think clearly, you have a foggy mind, you will start becoming forgetful, talk about bad moods, short-tempered, lazy, tired and just plan’ not a happy camper. Trust me there is so much more! That’s just your mood and happiness I’m talking about!

Is this how you want to wake up every morning for the rest of your life?

When you’re not getting enough oxygen to your brain, to your body, to your blood, to your heart, what do you think happens? The most common is heart attacks! Blood clots in arteries, cardiovascular disease, depression, ADHD, bipolar and so much more!

In the world we live in today, doctors are not really looking for the root of the problem, only a temporary solution. People are taking multiple pills a day to keep their high blood pressure, ADHD or bi polar disorder under control, when really, all this person needs is just oxygen! So now with all the medicine they’re taking, they are now damaging their liver or kidneys and who knows what else!

Is this the life you want to live? You are now being aware of the problem. No, I am not a doctor!! However, I am giving you information and knowledge about the things that I have learned about this. Seeing a professional and experience doctor can be the best thing you can do for yourself and family. Don’t be selfish! TAKE ACTION!


  • Don’t sleep on your back! It’s forcing more constriction to your airway. One word- gravity.
  • If you sleep with someone, they are already probably pretty annoyed with you! Sending you to the couch and all. Make them aware of the situation and have them wake you up!
  • You don’t have anyone to wake you up? that’s okay, make your own pillow fort. That’s right, the one time as an adult where it’s okay to make your own fort! YAY. Get 3-4 pillows and lay them out behind you. So when you try to turn to your back, the pillows will block you from doing so.
  • Another option is going to sound silly, but very helpful. Are you ready? Taping some tennis balls to the back of a shirt. Yeah I know, sounds crazy.
  • Use a big body pillow to not only have you sleeping on the clouds, but to get you to find a more comfortable sleeping position. I took the liberty to look for the best supportive body pillow for you. You will not go out tomorrow to get a pillow to help prevent something in the mean time. I already know how to stop snoring immediately. So just click, choose and it will arrive to you without you having to add another reminder to your list.
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