How to Remove Dentures That are Stuck

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Are you feeling tired from removing dentures that are stuck? Yes! It is a very painful matter, but it is not so hard. If you want to know how to remove dentures that are stuck then we are here to assist you.

Getting dentures stuck can be frustrating and embarrassing. You may not know what to do, especially if you are traveling or away from home. But there is hope! This article will teach you how to remove a stuck denture without damaging your teeth or gums. Let’s gather knowledge together.

how to remove dentures that are stuck
6 Easy Tactics on How to Remove Dentures That are Stuck

Have you ever had a set of dentures that are stuck? It’s not fun. But we have the solution! Our team has created an easy-to-follow guide on how to remove your dentures if they become stuck in your mouth. The steps are simple and will get you out of this sticky situation in no time. Let’s have a look.


01: Make sure you have a container of water and some ice cubes ready.

Fill a glass with water and ice cubes and place it on the floor next to your bed. Lie down on the floor and tilt back until you feel like you’re going to fall over backwards. Then place one hand behind the upper part of your head while keeping the other hand. The water should be close enough that when you open wide.


02: Slowly soak the denture in the water for about 10 minutes.

You have dentures that are stuck in your mouth. This can be a very uncomfortable experience and you don’t know what to do. It is embarrassing and you feel like it will never come out. If this happens, try slowly soaking the denture in water. It takes about 10 minutes before attempting to remove it again. Sometimes this makes all the difference!


03: Add some ice cubes to the container. This will help it cool down quicker 

Add some ice cubes into a small bowl or cup. Then place it directly underneath your mouth where the denture has become lodged in order to cool down your mouth area quickly. It will help loosen up the gums around your toothless region.


04: Place your fingers on both sides of the denture. Making sure not to touch any part that is touching your teeth or gums 

To remove them, place your fingers on both sides of the denture and take it slowly out. Do not touch any part of the denture that is touching your teeth or gums. You should follow this steps carefully.


05: Gently pull up on one side while pushing down with your other hand 

In this step you have to politely pull up from one side then push down with another hand. You shouldn’t be panicked and force too much, otherwise it causes pain. So, be careful.


06: Repeat steps 4-6 until it comes out (this may take a few tries)

For getting the best result, you should try a couple of times. It is a very effective way to remove dentures that are stuck. At least you should repeat this step 4 times. I hope you will see the best results.


How do you remove dentures after using Poligrip?

Dentures can be a great solution to missing teeth. But they come with their own set of problems. They don’t always fit perfectly, and you might have trouble keeping them in place. 


Poligrip is the best way to keep dentures firmly in place while you eat. 

First, you have to gently rinse off the dentures and Poligrip with water. Use a soft toothbrush to brush away any food particles that might be stuck in between your teeth. Then, rinse again with water. Place the dentures back on your mouth, carefully pressing them into place 

Then, wait for 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything. So they can fully set into place. If you would like to remove stains from Poligrip, use a damp cloth or sponge. Then rub until all of the product is gone from both the inside and outside of your dentures. Be careful not to scrub too hard!


Should you remove dentures at night?

Removing dentures at night is a controversial topic. Some people say that you should remove your dentures every night before bed, while others will tell you to leave them in.

The trick is that you need to take your dentures out at night before going to sleep. So they have time to air-dry overnight. By leaving your dentures in while you sleep. You risk developing an unpleasant taste or odor on them from food particles. Air drying is important because bacteria can grow on wet surfaces.


The bottom line 

If you have a denture that is stuck, it may be time to visit your dentist. You should never try to remove the dentures on your own if they are stuck in place or broken. 

Dentists trained in dental prosthetics will know how to safely extract them. They will provide your teeth with replacement options for any missing teeth. 

We hope we were able to help answer some of your questions about removing a set of old dentures. If you have more asks to know about how to remove dentures that are stuck, then leave your valuable comment. Thanks for reading.

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