How to Prevent the Flu Naturally

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How to prevent the flu naturally

As every year, the dreaded cold season approaches and consequently the chances of getting sick, especially for children and elderly people, increase. Influenza pathology affects mainly in the autumn-winter period usually between November and March, with peaks in the months of December and January. Here we Discuss about how to prevent the flu naturally?

What is the flu?

Flu is an acute, highly contagious and epidemic infectious disease affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract, manifesting itself with symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, general malaise and musculoskeletal pain. The microorganisms responsible for the flu are viruses belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family.

One of the peculiar characteristics of these microorganisms lies in the frequency with which they undergo changes in the external structure of the capsid (protein envelope that encloses the nucleic acid of the virus and protects it from the external environment), a peculiarity – this – which alters its antigenicity and infectious properties.

This great antigenic variability explains why every winter we find ourselves fighting with a different type of flu, to which the cells of the immune system must adapt and why it is necessary to produce new vaccines every year.

The alteration of the antigenic structure of the virus gives rise to viral strains against which there is no resistance on the part of the population and, therefore, induces the development of epidemics limited to the winter months, or even of pandemics that appear every 10-30 years with dramatic results (in that of 1918, the “Spanish” influence made over 75 million victims).

How to prevent the flu naturally


The infection is quickly transmitted by air, through saliva droplets emitted with coughing, sneezing and conversations. This type of transmission occurs mainly between individuals who populate enclosed spaces, but there is also an indirect contagion, since the virus can persist for hours outside the body, therefore even if with a much lower frequency, it is possible to be infected by surfaces on which the virus has settled.

This occurs when you come into contact with these surfaces and then bring your hands to the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose or eyes. For the flu, the incubation period ranges from 1 to 4 days, but on average it is 2 days. Even if the disease has not yet manifested, it can already be contagious, for this reason it is important to implement preventive measures to avoid getting sick.

Usually the flu lasts about 5 days, although it is common for some symptoms, such as coughing, stuffy nose and tiredness, to persist longer. In most cases, it heals within a week or two without any particular problems, but above all, the elderly, children or people with chronic diseases can develop serious complications such as pneumonia viral, bacterial pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, sinusitis.

On average, every year, 5 to 8 million people are affected by flu or flu-like syndromes. To prevent flu infection first, it is good to follow some simple but important rules:

  • clean your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water;
  • avoid crowded places when disease cases are very numerous;
  • pay attention to contact with eyes, nose and mouth, easy ways of virus entry;
  • repair the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (washing after hands);
  • to favor the body’s defenses when the flu sentons occur;
  • raise the immune system to prevent the attack of flu viruses.

Strengthening the immune defenses, in order to prevent the virus attack, is therefore a priority. In this sense, some herbal remedies can be of great use, which not only constitute an important safeguard for the treatment of flu, but they can also strengthen the defenses of our organism, preparing it for the challenges that await it during the winter season. Among the many natural approaches, it is worth mentioning the following physiotherapy:

Echinacea Echinacea, a herbaceous plant native to North America, has an undisputed role in winter pathologies, both for its curative and preventive action. It is useful in all inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract and is able to reduce both the symptoms and the duration of the disease. More and more studies confirm the effectiveness ofechinaceaas an immunostimulant. It would serve in particular to boost the immune system by stimulating the activity of phagocytes or cells that attack pathogens.

Natural treatment for flu


The acerola (Malpighia glabra) is a shrubby, climbing plant native to the tropical and subtropical areas of America, the fruit of which has a very high content of vitamin C, about fifteen times higher than that of kiwis and 20 times that of juice of ‘Orange.

In addition to the very high concentration of vitamin C, approximately 1,600 milligrams per hectogram, it also contains good quantities of provitamin A (roughly the same as carrots), B vitamins and bioflavonoids and tannins. Among the mineral salts, calcium , iron and magnesium are well represented.

Thanks to its composition it stimulates the immune defenses, increasing the phagocytosis activity of white blood cells and promoting their maturation. It also develops an antioxidant action by inactivating free radicals. It is particularly suitable for preventing and fighting flu syndromes, colds and rhinitis, but also in all cases of asthenia, vitamin deficiencies, convalescence. Acerola as well as echinacea is commercially available in the form of numerous food supplements.


Propolis consists of a resinous substance that bees collect from the buds and bark of some trees, which they then mix with saliva, wax and pollen. Rich in flavonoids, minerals and B vitamins, it has an excellent immunostimulant, antibacterial, antiviral action and also has a remarkable anti-inflammatory power. For this it is very useful in case of sore throat and relapsing cough. Propolis is commercially available in various pharmaceutical forms, both in tablets and in liquid, hydroalcoholic or non-alcoholic solution.

Fermented Papaya

It is a natural extract with antioxidant properties, obtained by pulverizing the papaya long subjected to microbial fermentation (which optimizes its content in antioxidants).

In addition to the famous “rejuvenating” effect (given by its ability to fight free radicals), fermented papaya strengthens the immune system helping the body to defend itself against external aggressions, because it helps to restore the acid-base balance, for the effect alkalizing agent of papain enzyme.

Grapefruit seed extract

The grapefruit seed extract (ESP), obtained from the seeds and membranes of the dehydrated fruit, contains numerous active substances including bioflavonoids vitamins A, C, E, selenium and zinc. The results of the research are amazing, and indicate that the grapefruit seed extract acts on hundreds of strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Erisimo or herb of the singers

Erisimo is used in herbal medicine for the beneficial activities it performs towards the respiratory system. Therefore, this plant is particularly useful in case of diseases of the airways. Erisimo has expectorant, mucolytic, emollient and trophic properties for the mucous membrane of the respiratory system, therefore, it can be useful to relieve inflammation of the throat, to resolve the aphonia and hoarseness associated with laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis and to placate upper airway irritations from coughing, flu and cold.


Plant from the South American continent whose bark and roots are used. Its main use is represented by the treatment of cooling diseases of the upper airways acting as stimulant of some cells of the immune system.

Natural Therapy for flu

  • phytotherapy

Echinacea is the natural herbal remedy to boost the immune system. Its action, in fact, stimulates the increase in phagocytosis (with which the cells of the immune system eliminate the “enemies”). The other mechanism that echinacea puts in place is the increase in the production of interferon and “properdin”, a protein capable of activating the defenses against foreign cells. To be used in any case of weakening with the presence of first flu symptoms and especially during the acute phases (flu and febrile).

Use and dose: for cooling diseases, as prevention (1-2 capsules a day of dry extract for at least two months) and as a treatment (30-50 drops of mother tincture in a little water, 3 times a day , until healing); for sore throat: add 40 drops of mother tincture to a glass of water and use the mixture for gargling.

Crow grass or grass of singers.

The grass comacchia or herb of the cantons owes its name to the reputation, married, of remedy against acute and chronic laryngitis, with lowering of voice. It has a mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore the natural remedy indicated in tracheobronchitis. It is also very useful for all those people who suffer from recurrent sore throats.

The doses: in mother tincture, 40 drops, twice a day. Until improvement.


This wonderful gift from bees (which derive it from the buds and bark of plants embellishing it with wax and pollen) has an excellent immunostimulating, antibacterial and antiviral action. It   is especially useful for those with a delicate throat , which becomes inflamed easily, and for those who often suffer from relapsing coughs in winter. Propolis is available in mother tincture but also in spray format, in tablets and in pearls.

Use and dose: 20 drops of mother tincture, 3 times a day, in the acute period.

White carpinion (Carpinus betulus I.)

If we are vulnerable especially in the respiratory tract and suffer from coughs, rhinitis, pharyngitis, white carpinion is the natural remedy that is right for us. Carpinus betulus is in fact an important decongestant of the respiratory tract which can also play a protective and not only anti-inflammatory function. The action of this natural remedy will be threefold: restorative, antitussigena and antispasmodica.

Use and dose: 50 drops of glycerine macerate, 2-3 times a day, in the acute period.

  • Aromatherapy

The most correct way to use the natural remedies offered by aromatherapy and essential oils is the air diffusion in the environment, which is obtained by dropping 5-7 drops in the special dispenser. If, on the contrary, we prefer to enjoy the scents of nature through a hot bath, we put 4-5 drops in the tub in which we are about to immerse ourselves. Finally, as regards the skin application (be careful not to affect the inflamed areas), use 2-3 drops in a spoonful in 50 ml of neutral cream.

Benzoin essential oils Benzoin

Essential oil is an excellent natural remedy for flu. It is a plant considered a little magical for its balancing properties, both psychically and organically. It is very effective in driving away moods and flu symptoms. To be taken when we feel exhausted and with the first signs of cooling.

Essential oils of Cinnamon

The essential oil of Cinnamon is particularly suitable to prevent and treat cold “ailments” (blows of air, humidity, sudden changes in temperature) and to lift the body and spirit from post-flu weakness. A real support when we feel debilitated and in the phases in which the flu state seems not to abandon us anymore. Excellent stimulant and energizer.

Eucalyptus essential oils Eucalyptus

essential oil is one of the best febrifuges, it is antiseptic, balsamic, antiviral (stimulates the body’s defenses), it can be widely used in all flu manifestations, in cooling diseases, in sinusitis. A real cure-all for the whole organism and to energize our mind.

Final Word

To prevent a flu in the first place, it is important to take preventive measures. Wash your hands frequently with soap and disinfect areas that you touch often (such as mobile phones and computer keyboards), and be aware of an overall healthy life. Basic daily routines such as proper exercise, nutritious meals, adequate rest and sleep are the key to a healthier and fulfilling winter. After all if you faces problem you can take any therapy like phytotherapy & Aromatherapy. If you maintain this properly hope so you will prevent the flu naturally.

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