How to Make Half Popped Popcorn

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How to make half popped popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack food that’s both affordable and healthy. Here’s how to make it at home. Are you passionate about your popcorn? Are you a fan of the classic buttery, buttery crunch you get with buttery, buttery popcorn? Maybe you’re just craving that fire in your belly that comes with a tasty bowl of popcorn. How to make half popped popcorn? This post will discuss how to make half popped popcorn from scratch. The steps are simple and easy.

The formula for half-cooked popcorn is straightforward. You need your popcorn pieces, some water, and oil with a couple of cooking wares, and there you go.  While watching a film or a TV show or having a few profound discussions with your family in the center of the evening, you can have a bowl of this popcorn to twofold the delight.

How to Make Half Popped Popcorn
How to Make Half Popped Popcorn


  • 1 cup popcorn
  • 3 tbsp Salt
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • 4 cups of water


How to prepare half of-Cooked Popcorn?

  • Take a pot, and 1/2 fill it with water. Add a bit of vinegar.
  • Now position 1 cup of hard popcorn kernels in it and retain the boiling process for about 30-35 minutes. It sounds loads; however, it’s worth it.
  • As soon as your popcorn is boiled, take it out of the pot and unfold your boiled popcorns kernels on a dish and allow them to dry, and accept 3 hours at the least.
  • You may additionally go away them overnight and come back to them in a single day because it’s easier and also you don’t have to await them to dry.
  • Then snatch your frying pan and upload a layer of oil at the lowest. Fireplace up the stove and throw a few pinches of salt in it.
  • You’re boiled kernels of popcorn in it. Blend it, ensure that those are entirely dipped within the oil, and cover it with the lid to steam them at Low flame.
  • Turn the heat off while the popping sound stops and fill a bowl by pouring this popcorn.
  • Now you could have your popped popcorn by sprinkling a piece of salt or pepper if you want.


Half of Popped Popcorn Kernels Recipe

As soon as the kernels pop, flip off the burner, take away the pot from the heat and pour inside the last popcorn kernels. Cowl the pot again and provide the pot a bit shimmy to distribute the kernels frivolously. Allow the pot to rest for 60 seconds to ensure the oil doesn’t get too hot before the kernels are prepared to pop.

Season the popcorn while it is still warm. The steam from the newly popped bits and the warm explained spread will help the salt stick. I like to use a highly mild pot (my stockpot) in place of a heavy forged iron Dutch oven so that I can shake the pot even as the kernels are popping and to coat it flippantly within the clarified butter and homemade popcorn salt.

Upload 3–4 individual popcorn kernels. When they have popped, your oil is at the right temperature to add inside the rest. Sprinkle a light layer of salt on the kernels. Subsequently, upload the butter and half of the can abutter to the pot and cover with a lid. Making 420 Popcorn: Step 2. once the kernels pop, shake the pan backward and forward.

Some recommended suggestions: 1.) the shaking of the popcorn is prime, however, do away with the popcorn from the cooking pot ASAP, or the shaking you probably did over the stove could be rendered needless. 2.) Warmth up the oil with three popcorn kernels; when those three pop, add sugar and the rest of the kernels.

Approximately This technique: This excellent house responsibilities recipe calls for mixing 1/4 cup popcorn kernels and half of the teaspoon oil in a medium microwave-secure glass bowl, covering the bowl with a plate, and microwaving on excessive for three to 4 mins — until there are three seconds between pops.


Why Microwave popcorn does not pop

Microwave popcorn only half popped an unsuitable utensil is used to put the corn in a bag or container. The wattage of the microwave oven can be too low. Usually, at least 500 watts is required to generate enough heat to pop popcorn.

The popcorn is stale or of negative first-rate. Use sparkling, top pleasant popping corn with an excessive moisture content material designed explicitly for microwaves. Vintage popcorn won’t have sufficient moisture to pop. Put off the microwave rack, if applicable, earlier than trying to cook the popcorn.


Different reasons that popcorn might not prepare dinner nicely:

  • The use of low-fat popcorn as opposed to regular
  • Using a small bag length
  • Putting the bag the other way up on the tray
  • Refrigerated popcorn can also take longer.


Why do we boil popcones?

Popcorn kernels have an outer shell called the pericarp, and a meaty, starchy interior referred to as the endosperm. Their moisture content is around 14 percent. The kernel pops when it’s heated because the moisture turns into steam. The hull cracks while the steam’s strain builds up too high, inflicting the mass to blow up. In the meantime, the endosperm gets riddled with tiny bubbles from the smoke. While the pericarp cracks, the strain interior is released, which causes the endosperm to decompress explosively and puff out right into starchy foam: the fluffy snack you’re used to.


What’s half-cooked popcorn?

These are known as half-cooked popcorn because they are steamed instead of proper frying and also those are half popped.


Why does popcorn only half-pop?

If the Popcorn hull is imperfect or broken, the water moisture inside the popcorn kernel can break out thru the hull, going below the desired 14-15% moisture stage, and the popcorn kernel will remain un-popped even though it has been heated.


Does soaking popcorn make it pop better?

Perfect Popcorn

The internet-approved tip is: Soak popcorn kernels in water for 10 mins, then drain and pop as ordinary. The concept is that the more excellent moisture allows producing fluffier puffs.



How to make half popped popcorn? Half popped popcorn is a fun and easy snack to make that the whole family will love. The great thing about half popped popcorn is that it is less unhealthy than regular popcorn because you can control how much oil and salt you put on it. All you need is a bag of popcorn and an oven.

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