Effective Methods On How To Make A Ping Pong Paddle

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Are you tired of using premade paddle? You may want to make a custom paddle for your own convenience. Right? If this idea of ​​mine is correct then you are going to get the right guideline through this article. We will teach you how to make a ping pong paddle without any hassle.

This task will be very difficult for you if you have no previous experience. But if you can follow the right guidelines, then you can become an expert. You will find many tutorials on how to make this custom paddle online but you will not find step by step guidelines like ours anywhere. In this direction we are ahead in all directions. So this is going to be a perfect guideline for you. So, let’s step one by one.

How To Make A Ping Pong Paddle

What is a ping pong paddle?

In the market you will find different species of paddle. However, ping pong paddle is the best of all paddles. Although the word “ping pong” is ridiculous, it is quite a useful thing. If you are a table tennis expert then you can understand the importance of this very well.

“Ping pong Paddle is a special kind of paddle with which you can play in your own style.  With this paddle you can beat the opponent with the tennis ball less fast, more fast or rotational speed.”

Several companies are currently supplying this type of pedal, from which it is very difficult to find the real or fake. The shopkeeper can fool you if you are new.

So make a custom ping pong paddle by collecting all the materials as you like. It may take some time or patience, but you can make a strong paddle. We will try to give you a clear idea about each subject.


What do you need to make a ping pong paddle?

Since you are going to create your own, you will need to collect several things. We will try to give information on all the necessary elements in this section. I hope you do not have to face any additional problems. It will be much more helpful for you.


Blade: The first thing we will talk about is the blade. The blades used in the paddle are not made of any kind of steel. These types of blades are made of wood.  Now the question is not suitable for making paddle blades with all kinds of wood. This type of blade is usually made of plywood.  This type of wood is very flexible and light. Although light, it is quite strong. The lighter the paddle on your hand, the better the performance. So you should find plywood.


Rubber: The second thing I will talk about is rubber. After picking the wood you must pick the rubber. It will not work well if you use a paddle without rubber. Rubber helps determine the speed of a ball. If you want to play with low speed you must use a rubber and even if you need high speed you must have rubber on your paddle. A paddle usually has two erasers. One is black and one is red. The red rubber is usually used when speed is needed and the black rubber is used when you want to spin the ball. 


What if I don’t use rubber?: You want to make a custom paddle because it is durable and strong. Your paddle will not last long if you do not use rubber. Also, when you hit the tennis ball across the paddle, the paddle can slip out of your hand. As a result, any accident can happen.


Pingpong template: Each item has its own size. You need to know about pingpong size and shape whether you play at home or internationally. Wondering? I was also quite surprised at first knowing this. If you want to make a paddle, you need to know the right rules. We’ve found a number of templates to help you make your work easier, with paddles of the right size and beautiful design. Let’s check out this link and download a template.  


Paddle glue: You need to use glue when you try to pair each element with another. There are different types of glue available in the market. The best is Donic Vario Clean.  You will get this kind of glue wherever you go to any shop in the market. You can also collect these types of glues from Amazon or other e-commerce shops if you wish.


5 Steps on How to Make a Ping Pong Paddle

#Step 01: Choose your template

First of all you have to download a good quality template. Then you place that template on your wood and mark it with a pencil.

#Step 02: Choose the right wood

To make a paddle you need to choose a good quality wood. If you don’t pick good quality wood, you won’t be able to use it for long. So I suggest you use birch plywood. This type of wood is quite light and strong. This wood will help give you maximum performance.

#Step 03: Make them smooth

If you have already cut the wood according to the template design, then you have to smooth it well. This will make you feel comfortable to use. Also it doesn’t look like it was made in any way. This will give you a premium feel.

#Step 04: Use glue to attach all the elements together

Then you need to use glue as you need. You may need this glue when you are going to apply rubber and wood. If you do not use glue, rubber does not stick well with wood. So use good quality glue.

 #Step 05: Decorate your paddle

Your paddle is already ready. Now you should enhance its beauty. You can buy wood paint from the market and put your paddle on. This will make your paddle look very nice.

Final Word

A good quality paddle will give you a good feeling as it will increase your playing performance. You may have seen a lot of tutorials already, but no one has told you as neatly as we have. I hope you know how to make a ping pong paddle very easily.

If you want to know more about this you can let us know by commenting. You can also email us if you wish. Thanks for staying with us.

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