How To Light A Match With Your Teeth

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Nowadays, it is a common thing in most magic programs to light a match stick with your teeth. You may think it is a kind of magic or you may think it is a hand trick. You will not be happy to know that it is not magic. You can do this if you want and we will teach you how to light a match with your teeth.

Excited, right? This is a very easy trick if you can master it well. Patience is needed to be an expert and an attitude to practice again and again. So let’s get started.

Can human skin light a match?

This question comes to our mind first before applying this trick. The gunpowder in the match helps us to light the fire when we go to light the fire with the match. So is there anything in our teeth that helps us light a fire? The surface of ordinary matches contains sulfur and phosphorus which help us to light fires.

Did you know that your teeth are made up of a variety of basic substances, including sulfur and phosphorus? The kind of material that is on the surface of a match has better material in our teeth than that. As a result, we can start a fire with our teeth. In the next session, we will discuss how to apply these tricks in a proper way. 

how to light a match with your teeth

5 Easy Techniques On how to light a match with your teeth

As I said before, it is not a form of magic or sorcery. Anyone who applies this trick can start a fire in their teeth. Now you can ask me, How do you light a match with your fingers? Yes, you can easily do this by following our 5 steps. Let’s have a look.

Step 01: Pick a good match stick.

Since we have used the “Fire Box” match, you can also buy matches of this brand. But if you don’t know how to use a gas light and how does a matchbox work? Then learn from someone.

Step 02: Wipe your teeth with a tissue so that they do not get wet

If you have a matchbox, you will learn this trick very quickly. Before doing this trick, first, clean the surface of the teeth with facial tissue. So that there is no kind of wet. If wet, the fire will not burn.

Step 03: Set up a match stick behind the gums of two teeth

Once the teeth are dry, pick a match stick. Then set the match stick behind the gums of the two teeth.

Step 04: Pull the match stick with two fingers

After setting up the match stick, pull it across with two fingers (Thumb finger & index finger).

Step 05: Repeat

If you are new, it may not be the first time. So keep trying this rule a few times. You will see that it has happened suddenly.

If you try these 5 steps in a proper way, you will be able to master this fun trick very easily. Who knows if this trick can save your life? Hope this helps.

Safety Tips

Since this trick is about fire, some precautions should be taken. According to the suggestions of our experts, everyone should follow these tips.

  • This trick cannot be done in front of small children because children are imitators.  They can eat gunpowder out of curiosity.
  • Before doing the tricks, make sure that your teeth have been dried with a tissue.
  • Do not try repeatedly in wet conditions.
  • Use dry matchsticks.
  • Prepare mentally before working.

Warning: Your lips may get burned as it plays with fire. So be careful. Stay away from kids when applying these tricks.


Final Word

You may have seen magicians rubbing the wood with their teeth to light a fire. Do you also want to apply this trick but you do not know how to light a match with your teeth? Then follow our guidelines in a good way. Then you can do this very easily. However, when applying this trick, follow our safety tips.

If you know of any more tricks don’t forget to email us. Thank you for being with us.

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