How To Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly | How To Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

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How To Apply EyelinerHow to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

No matter how beautiful your hair, legs, breasts, or waistlines are, the eyes are what get noticed most. No woman’s look is truly complete until she has mastered the art of applying eye makeup in a way that makes her eyes look sexy, alluring, and gorgeous. However, most of us tend to fall into a routine and do our eyeliner the same way every day, or worse, don’t know how to apply eyeliner properly in the first place!

The eyes are no doubt one of the seducing parts of women’s face. Find in this article makeup techniques to beautify your eyes, no matter their color, shape and size.


Know that the enhancement of your beauty is based on the success of your makeup. For beautiful eyes that will not leave anyone indifferent, grab just your beauty equipment and put into practice these tips. You will need a shadow, the best eyeliner and mascara.


The shadows

Shadow or eyeshadow are used to highlight and define the eyes. These cosmetics have this ability to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

The results, however, depend on the chosen color. The darker shades are often used to get a magnifying effect. The lighter versions, meanwhile, are mostly given to those who have eyes and want to shrink.


Here are the application techniques of eyeshadow for each form of eyes

Small eyes: To avoid further shrink your eyes and drown your eyes, do not overload your makeup. Two shadows are enough to showcase your small eyes, one darker to put on the edge of your eye and another lighter on the immobile part of your eyelids.

Big eyes: Tthe use of lighter eyeshadow is shown here to avoid further enlarge the eyes. Make up the moving part of your eyelids with a light shade, such as light pink, sky blue and beige. Insist on the inner corner of your eyes for a smaller effect.

Sunken eyes: To highlight your eyes, use only colors that provide a healthy glow like apricot and orange. Too dark colors are to avoid because of the risk of sinking further your look.

Almond eyes: This form of eye makeup is easier to makeup. To highlight, apply a good eye shadow layer darker shade on the outer corner of the eyes.

Round eyes: To beautify round eyes, draw with a darker color of eyeshadow, with particular emphasis on the outer corner.

Asian eyes: To highlight your eyes, use at least two colors, including a clearer and another darker. With eyeshadow light shade, trace the outline of your eyes starting from their inner corner to the middle of your eye. Continue the application using a darker eyelid shade.


The best eyeliner

The eyeliner is another makeup product that allows you to highlight the eyes. This beauty tool is used to obtain a more profound effect. The eyeliner is especially suitable for those who have small eyes or round eyes to give them a new form, more oblong or greater. The use of this makeup is not very advisable for those having wider or sunken eyes, the risk of further intensify your look or walnut.

The eyeliner can be in the form of liquid or pencil. The pencil versions are easier to use and are recommended for beginners in makeup. These cosmetics are applied on the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Tracing can be stretched slightly outwards for a feline look.



Mascara is used to provide more volume to the lashes. This beauty product is available in several colors; the most widely used and quoted are brown, black and blue.

Brown and blue are recommended for those who have deep or sunken or wide eyes. Mascara black intensify small eyes and almond eyes. Its application technique is very easy. You only need to gently roll the applicator from the root of your lashes to their tips.


Final Words

Finally, the most important eyeliner tips I can give is to always pick colors and styles that complement your look, and feel confident with whatever you choose! Just because you see Kim Kardashian or Adrian Lima do one thing, doesn’t meant it’ll necessarily fit your look. Just follow the eyeliner tips above and you definitely bring out the best in you!

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