How Much Does it Cost to Fix iPhone Screen

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The iPhone has increased its popularity, and the market for mobile devices is just getting more significant. One of the most common questions that we hear from readers is how much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen? The answer is actually pretty expensive. The first thing that you need to do is realize that it is not as simple as just buying a new iPhone screen.

If you want to repair the screen, you need a specialized tool that is designed specifically for this kind of work. While the repair can be done at home, the work needs to be done at a location where the technician can access the phone. This may mean having to travel to a different area.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an iPhone Screen
How Much Does it Cost to Fix an iPhone Screen

What amount does an iPhone screen fix cost?

By and large, iPhone screen fixes cost $220. Assuming you have a guarantee, costs start at $29 yet can increase to $329 on the off chance you don’t have one. Eventually, your costs will rely upon the kind of telephone you have, the seriousness of the harm from there, the sky is the limit.

iPhone screen fix cost:

  • The public average cost $220
  • Low-end costs are $29-$140
  • Top of line cost are $279-$329

Sooner or later, almost every iPhone client will drop their telephone and break the gadget’s screen. This incidental harm is a moderately economical fix assuming that you have a guarantee. Nonetheless, assuming an Apple guarantee does not generally cover it, Apple’s expenses increment fundamentally.

This is a gander at the way experts charge to fix broke iPhone screens and how you can get quotes from specialists close to you.


iPhone screen fix costs from outsiders

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen? Another maintenance choice is hosting third-get-together assistance give fix your broken iPhone. Like Staymobile in Columbia, South Carolina, Outsider merchants may charge less and typically have a quicker completion time. IPhixShop LLC iPhone and iPad Repair, Accessories says most fixes take more than 30 minutes. Portable iPhone fixes administrations will likewise head out to you for maintenance, saving you time.


The expense of screen fix or substitution relies upon the model. Next Tech Solutions LLC in Stonington, Connecticut, can give screen substitutions and fixes administration. They administration iPhone models 5 through models X, iPad, and other Android telephones, including Samsung and LG.

You can take a look at their expenses beneath:

  • IPhone 5/5c: $70
  • iPhone 6/5s: $80
  • iPhone 7/6s: $90
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $100
  • iPhone 8/7 Plus: $120
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $140
  • iPhone X: $270

Interestingly, iPhixShop LLC iPhone and iPad Repair, Accessories administrations iPhone models 4 through iPhone XR and had a March 2019 advancement of:

  • iPhone XR: $235 +tax
  • iPhone Xs: $245 +tax
  • iPhone X: $225 +tax
  • iPhone 8: $95 +tax
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $95 +tax
  • iPhone 7 Plus: $90 +tax
  • iPhone 7: $90 +tax
  • iPhone 6s Plus: $84 +tax
  • iPhone 6s: $74 +tax
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $74 +tax
  • iPhone 6: $64 +tax
  • iPhone 5s/SE: $60 +tax
  • iPhone 5/5c: $60 +tax
  • iPhone 4/4s: $45 +tax

Also, Break and Fix’s screen trade charges range from $70 for iPhone 5 and SE models to $125 for the iPhone 7 Plus.


Extra expense factors

Step by step instructions to recruit an expert to Fix iPhone Screen

You can undoubtedly employ an iPhone fix proficient by following these means:

  1. Get quotes from Apple and outsider professionals.

To get the best incentive for your buck, think about costs from both Apple and outsider administrations. Contact a few specialists and let them in on the model of your iPhone, assuming you have a guarantee and the seriousness of the harm.

  1. Check the client surveys.

Ensure you enlist a specialist who has generally ideal surveys, and see whether they have a history of making broken iPhones look all-around great.

  1. Take a gander at when photographs.

As well as perusing the client tributes, search for photographs (posted by the professional or past clients) of iPhones the specialists have fixed so you can check their craftsmanship.


Do you want maintenance for different issues like the Home button or fluid harm?

On the off chance that your iPhone issue is covered by the Apple guarantee, AppleCare+, or buyer regulation, there’s no charge. This does exclude incidental harm, which requires an expense. Assuming your iPhone was harmed and you have AppleCare+, the inclusion incorporates coincidental harm insurance. Every episode has a helpful expense.

If your iPhone was harmed and you don’t have AppleCare+, your maintenance charge will shift, contingent upon the maintenance. The out-of-guarantee costs in this article are for fixes made by Apple. Apple Authorized Service Providers might set their charges.


Get more familiar with AppleCare+ for iPhone.

Screen fix

You can fix a broken iPhone screen at an Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or by sending it to an Apple Repair Center. Assuming you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can utilize it to cover screen fix.

These areas utilize certified Apple parts to guarantee that your screen works like new after it’s fixed. A few areas offer same-day administration. Make an arrangement or solicitation administration. See screen fix estimating.

Battery substitution

Assuming your battery has an issue that is covered by the Apple Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, or buyer regulation, we’ll support your iPhone at no extra expense.

Our guarantee doesn’t cover batteries that wear out from typical use. Assuming your battery wears out, we offer out-of-guarantee battery administration for a charge. On the off chance that you have AppleCare+, it covers your iPhone screen repair for no extra charge assuming your item’s battery holds under 80% of its unique limit. We could have tested your item to observe the reason for your battery issue.



How much does it cost to fix a cracked iPhone back screen?

Spotted by MacRumors, Apple has brought down the cost of fixing an iPhone with a break on the back glass to $29. Beforehand, just a break on the front glass of the iPhone got this $29 fix cost. The back glass, as of recently, cost Apple clients $99.


How much does it cost to replace the back glass iPhone?

Models            Prices begins at

iPhone 8 back glass repair            Glass just $99.99

iPhone 8+ back glass repair          Glass just $109.99

iPhone X back glass repair            Glass just $119.99

iPhone XS back glass repair          Glass just $119.99


Can you fix the cracks on the back of the iPhone?

The main attempted and tried fix choice for your iPhone’s broken back glass is by entrusting it to the experts at Apple.


How much is it to supplant the rear of an iPhone 8?

To this end, it’s generally expected times more costly than fixing the actual screen. Truth be told, Apple says the iPhone 8’s back glass costs $349 to fix, something they arrange as “other harm” or a complete misfortune requiring a total telephone substitution.


How does Apple replace back glass?

The back glass is melded on the telephone, so Apple doesn’t supplant the glass. All things considered, they supplant the telephone. In the event that you have AppleCare on the telephone, the expense to supplant is significantly less than if you don’t have AppleCare. Apple doesn’t fix the back glass and the gadget should be supplanted.



The iPhone has completely revolutionized the world of smartphones. It’s become pretty hard to be a smartphone user without one, but it also has some serious drawbacks. One of the most significant drawbacks is its screen. The screen on the iPhone is one of the best, most durable screens in all of the modern technology.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone screen? With costs beginning at only $79 for an iPhone 6 screen fix or $99 for an iPhone 8 screen fix, it’s obvious to perceive the amount you can save – even with a broken screen. However, rather than holding up in line, we come to you. With our direct front evaluating plan, you can see our severe and fair costs for yourself.

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