Stay Slim with Calorie Burned Swimming

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Best Things About Calorie Burned Swimming

Who doesn’t want to be slim and younger looking? Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and attractive? Almost every people has a strong fascination about looking thin and beautiful. But most of us are not interested in dieting or exercising at all. Doesn’t it look funny if you are serious about losing weight without these hardships?

What is calorie burned swimming?

The good news is that there is an interesting way with which you can burn your extra calorie or fat without getting bored of it. Yes, I am talking about swimming. It is a great exercise for everyone especially for those who want to get slim or burn body calorie. It will be like a game for you as well as it will help you in the best way to maintain your health and burn an extra calorie.

Researchers say that swimming can be the best way to reduce body fat and calorie. It also helps to reduce different problems of bronchitis especially problems that are related to asthma. Asthma patients feel less breathing problems when they are in the habit of regular swimming. It is like ‘buy one product and get two products with it free of cost.’

Calorie Burned Swimming Types

There are a very few people who are not fond of swimming or who dislike it. But remember one thing, only being in the water does not mean that you are practicing calories burned swimming every day. Only floating on the water will not give you any benefit. You have to follow the different strategy of swimming if you are sincerely eager of burning your body calorie. There are different styles of swimming like

Breaststroke, the Freestyle stroke, the Backstroke, the Butterfly stroke, the Elementary Backstroke, the Sidestroke, the Medley swimming, the Combat sidestroke, the Dog paddle, the Eggbeater kick, the Flutter kick, the Front Crawl, the free Colchian, the Georgian swimming, the Trudgen, the Suijutsu, the Total Immersion, the Wadding, the Treading water and so on. You can pick any one style according to your choice. Or you also can try them all respectively. They all will help to burn your calorie.

Calorie Burned Swimming

How many calories you can burn with swimming

Also the time duration you are swimming in the water as well as your weight are necessary to burn your calorie. If your weight is 70.30 kg, you can burn 704 calories if you swim faster for 1 hour and 493 calories if you swim slower for the same time duration.

In the same way, if your weight is 59 kg, you can burn 590 calories if you swim faster and 413 calories if you swim slower for 1 hour. See, how effective it is! And the most interesting thing is you are enjoying this exercise as well as it is beneficial for your health.

Duration and resting time

Always try to restless while you are swimming in the water. If you are swimming for one hour, you can take rest at most for 6 minutes. Though frequency and duration are related with calories burned swimming, breaststroke style works best among all other strokes. When you are starting this type of exercise, you can practice for less time and day by day you can increase the duration.

It will help you in adaptation also you should look after your diet when you are going to swim regularly because over exercise, and less diet can make you weak and attacked by various diseases.

Last of all, if you don’t know yet how to swim, let’s learn it as soon as possible. Obviously, swimming is an excellent procedure for burning calories smoothly.

Burning calories and losing weight by swimming

Do you know how many calories burned swimming? Swimming, one of the most beneficial exercises has gathered the attentions of people who are conscious with their health worldwide. There are many ways to keep fit your health. But many chose swimming for its easiness to practice.

So, if you want to be stable by reducing your weight by swimming, you just need to find a pool and to wet yourself in swimming. In a routine work for swimming every day, you definitely will get your calories burnt from your body. The amount of calories will be burnt by swimming depends on the time you consume on the particular type of workout.

If you give more time in swimming in the water, then you can definitely get a good result according to the workout you have. Remember that, the heavier weight will take the harder work to burn calories.

Calories the factor

Doing a proper workout in swimming means to deficit your calories and weight. Many ask, how many calorie burned swimming? You can burn more calories than you take fat in a particular time of period. We know that a pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. So, if you burn 3,500 calories, it means you have reduced a pound of weight of you.


The potential calories burn in swimming

Free style stroke, this type of swimming style is not so hard. This is free style swimming method. However, when you will be heading towards by stroking your both hands in the water, you will become tired and weak seconds after seconds. It means you are burning your calories as hay in a winter morning.

You can burn almost 700 calories by at your top speed in the water. Otherwise, the butterfly stroke can help you to burn more calories. However, it is a bit difficult but very much fruitful to cut your 700 calories per hour. In addition, if you want to take a long backstroke for an ease to have rest in swimming, I mean, slower backstroke, you will also be able to burn to ashes 500 calories per hour. Dog paddle type is not bad also. It takes 400 calories per hour

According to a statistic, a person of 150 pounds will be able to burn almost 415 calories for an hour of moderately swimming workout in the water. But he can also be able to burn more 666 calories for a harder workout of swimming. On the other hand, a person who is weighing 200 pounds, therefore, can burn only 555 calories for an hour hard work in swimming. If he wants to 890 calories to burn, the vigorous labor for swimming session needed for him. It is generally a tough for the people of weighing 200 pounds.

Final words: In fine, the swimming is a very significant exercise for health conscious people for good fitness. So, you can, who want to reduce weight take a swimming in the pond or river or pool as a regular exercise. Because, the natural way has no any side effect compared to the other exercises that take iron-instruments. Then you will not be asking for how many calorie burned swimming? Because you will get answer when do it practically by yourself.

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