Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless Vacuum Reviews 2021

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Omg! The Best Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless Vacuum Reviews Ever!

Your kids and the others of your family or your office will remain allergy and dust-carried diseases free, if once you remember a service with this type of bissel powerforce. The dust sweeping technology collects the dust and others dirt without raining it outside during an activity is on and stores dust inside its rib is built-in. Safe and comfortable as much as possible the design. Therefore, think a better life and think a Bissel powerforce helix bagless vacuum cleaner to take your feet-environment washed and clean.

Bissell powerforce helix bagless vacuum

Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless Vacuum 1700 Reviews

Get it clean your space; it’s wise, and wiser to have an assistant that comfortably does things cleaning up the disease-prone stuff piled on the track. Bissell powerforce helix bagless vacuum is all the solutions from suction the dust to a container that safely removes. Bissell powerforce helix 1700 review is below.

Large dirt container:

Bissell powerforce helix bagless is larger than the volume of the floor dust it gets everyday tracked. The upright vacuum forces the dust and dirt and keeps into the container through a fine suction that never scatters a little out that catches once.

Separation dirt suction system:

This is an excellent technology of Bissell power force. It can sweep on the floor or carpet on separation system so that no dust or dirt goes evaded but a good clean you expect with this. It covers all the area so perfectly that leaves a cleanliness that looks good. Otherwise, the dirt separation system extends the suction power of Bissell trunk.

Customizable adjustment:

For taller or small people, it does not matter with height it holds. Five different adjustable heights provide comfortable use of the Bissell powerforce. It does well for any corner shifting the height according to it requires from place to place. The tone of your upholstery, carpet, and floor looks really good with the Bissell helix powerforce.  


  • Washable filter needs no replacement
  • Bagless designed saves extra cost and hassle-free
  • Separate suction power leaves nothing on the carpet or tile
  • Five height adjustments are using convenient for all-sized people
  • Take short time to be assembled


  • The hose and power cord is shorter but take required distance

Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless Vacuum 1701 reviews

Upgraded model:

According to Bissell powerforce helix bagless upright vacuum reviews, it’s new and improved version of 68 C71. The Turbo 1701 Bissell helix vacuum is an added convenient and upgrades version of model 1700. The additional inclusion of turbo brush tool for perfect and comfortable cleaning is really for a household to make it tidy.

Brush tool:

The brush tool has an better incorporation with the mini air-driven brush roll that performs extraordinary for carpet, floor, tiles as well as upholstery cleaning. Stores, narrow spaces, and wide space are come to a contract to be cleaned by Bissel powerforce helix a turbo vacuum 1701. It does with its versatile.

Hose and power cord:

The sufficient longer hose and cord with 2-inch wider cleaning path that does well with its maximum performance and is cleaning well. 8A motor is always a better installment for household and medium office upholstery. The suction power is better than of any other in the market and provides services beyond your expectation.

Body structure:

The body of the vacuum is made of some type of ABS plastic, yet sturdy. And no enforcement plastic is used for that type of Bissell powerforce helix bagless upright vacuum.  The snap action is very much required for the tilt action. And it is finely soft in operation. The cord hanger is hard while the tilt and on/off footswitches go sturdy and not easily breakable. The adjustable height switch is easily operable and one can change it as needed.


  • 5 height adjustment is convenient for everyone to use
  • Maximum performance
  • Standard size cord and hose
  • Washable filter
  • Additional Turbo brush roll


  • No auto rewind cord


Bissell powerforce helix bagless vacuum, 1700 and 1701 both are fine for household and office that need to be tracked in the dust to clean immediately. But Don’t use these vacuum cleaner to clean hot ashes. It’s not functional for this purpose. Rather use an ash vacuum cleaner as they are perfect appliance for this. The features of the two vacuum are almost same when the price differs for some additional convenience is attached. Therefore the two models are cost-effective and comfortable when using for years to come. So, chose the three models Ash vacuum cleaner.

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