Top Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

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Common Prejudices About Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

To all those girls with brown eyes, almost any eyeshadow color will make them pop since brown is a neutral color. The trick is choosing the color that matches your skin tone and hair as well. Usually, purples and teals are the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, but others also look good too.

Here are some photos of different eyeshadows for brown eyes so you can experiment and choose the one that suits you best. After all, makeup is an art!

Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

Purple Eyeshadow

Purple is the most charming, universally used eyeshadow color to wear on any eyes because it seamlessly blends with any eye color, hair or skin color. Purple, being a contrasting color on the color wheel, it looks particularly perfect for women with brown eyes, as its make their eyes pop. However, it is recommended you use the purple that has a blueish tint.

Blue Eyeshadow

Pulling off a blue eyeshadow can be tricky sometimes, but if you apply a royal blue color alongside the lashline, it will look incredible on blue eyes. The coolness of the blue will overcome the warmish brown and will make the whites of your eyes shine.

Gold/Orange Eyeshadow

If you are a hazel-eyed babe, instead of dark brown, then putting on gold eyeshadow will make the yellow tint of your eyes shine. For some women, gold isn’t their first choice, but it can still look amazing if paired with navy blue or dark purple eyeshadow. However, the best gold eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are the bronze tinted or the copper-tinted ones.

Silver Eyeshadow

Silver is a cool toned color, and for this characteristic, it provides a lovely contrast against the warming essence of brown eyes. Most silver color variations look stunning such as metallic silver, platinum or even gunmetal. Just remember to wear silver under the lower lashline of your eyes. Meanwhile, if you happen to have dark circles under your eyes, then this can make them blend slightly.

Brown/Neutral Eyeshadow

Brown eyeshadow isn’t the preferred choice for most women with brown eyes. Well, you already got brown eyes, and this color blends with it nicely. But you don’t want to look ridiculous wearing bright purple eyeshadow on your eyes while going to work. So, wear a combination of a bit of teal, purple or green color, just below your eye’s lashline or waterline to make your eyes look bright.

Green Eyeshadow

One of the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes is green. It looks amazing, and if you have hazel eyes, then it will make your eyes to pop even more! But our favorite green eyeshadow color is teal green. This eyeshadow looks great on anyone and anytime, and makes your eyes appear vibrant and shine.

Before we end, here are some additional tips for brown eyed babes:

  • Wearing purple or teal eyeshadow will make your eyes pop, as these are contrasting colors to brown.
  • Blue and Silvers are lovely color and look beautiful too, but always wear them below lower lashline as they lighten the dark circles under your eyes
  • Brown eyeshadow blends perfectly with brown eyes, so wear a combination of silver-brown eyeshadow color.

So, there you have it, these eyeshadows for brown eyes look great on most women, who don’t have brown eyes. It is all about the art of choosing and applying the best shades and color on your eyes to make you look beautiful.

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