Best Affordable Coffee Maker 2021

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Your choices when buying a new best affordable coffee maker have, over the last few years, become increasingly complex. As you start to search, you’ll find there are a huge number of machines, offering everything from built-in water filters, timers, automatic cleaning and milk frother (for a cappuccino, of course!)

The old days of just buying a simple filter coffee maker are long gone and you’ve now got options of coffee containers from pods to pumps to percolators. To help explain and guide you through all the choices, I’ve looked at the key brands and technologies and written up guides and reviews to help you make the right choice from some of the best deals around.

Since you’re visiting my site, you’re probably one of the 54% of the US adult population that drinks coffee every day – but there are so many variations in preference and style of coffee, I can only guess that you probably take milk (mainly because the stats show just 35% of US coffee drinkers take their coffee black!).

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a machine with features that suit your needs. To help you navigate all this, I’ve compiled a unique feature comparison guide below – so check out my reviews and guides and join me in searching out the best coffee makers.


Best Affordable Coffee Maker Review and Comparison Guide

The coffee makers on this chart are only the most popular or highly rated makers available on the market. There are literally hundreds and there’s no way we can list them all.

So back to basics: a best affordable coffee maker fits neatly in your kitchen or office and brews up your perfect cup of coffee – whatever your preferred style. It might brew up a carafe full for a dinner party or fill just an insulated travel mug; you might want a traditional filter coffee or perhaps an espresso or cappuccino. And how about it’s programmable so your coffee’s ready for you when you wake up?

We’re here to provide you with detailed reviews and ratings for some of the very best affordable coffee makers from around the world such as Cuisinart, Keurig, Mr Coffee and De’Longhi. Our mission at Coffee Maker Reviews is to provide the best information to help you choose which coffee maker is right for you and your needs. We’ve written reviews about all aspects of making a cup of coffee: from the best coffee grinder, finding a replacement coffee carafe, to espresso machine reviews.

You will also find other coffee related information like tips on how to brew for maximum flavor, what type of grinder you need, and things such as what drip coffee makers really means. The boring and time consuming research homework is all done for you on coffee maker reviews!

It doesn’t matter if you have an idea about just which model you are looking for or simply want to browse and complete your own comparison of the top rated coffee machines available today. When a new coffee maker is introduced we review it and let you know what its main features are and how it compares to other coffee makers in its class.

So why did I start Coffee Maker Reviews? I was looking for just this type of guide when I needed a new coffee machine, so decided to write my own! I hope you’ll find it useful as first source for brewing and enjoying coffee in the comfort of your home or office.

Product Featured:

  • Pictures of the Makers
  • Maker brand and model
  • Coffee cup capacity. Find more in our guide to coffee maker features.
  • Water Filter – if the coffee brewer has a built-in water filter (helps provide pure, clean tasting water).
  • Rating – the average user rating on people, which is another great way to see what other buyers think of the product

Keurig B60 Reviews – Know what You Are Buying

Before spending your money on a coffee maker, cast your eyes on some keurig b60 reviews, including this one. So, without further ado, let us take a dive into the world of coffee and coffee making machines. Keurig is an established name in the industry, with an overwhelming number of positive reviews. It’s been around for quite some time, so in this respect, you can rest assured that the services and products provided are not just hype and marketing. This single serve coffee maker is excellent when it comes to providing a quality brew, in a short amount of time. Almost all keurig b60 reviews agree on the last statement. But, why don’t we just focus on what really matters?

Its design is modern, with a lot of polished surfaces and chrome to please the eye. Although a medium end single cup coffee maker, the B60 performs and looks like a professional product. Note that an average price is around150 dollars.

We found that, in some Keurig B60 reviews, people complained about its short life-span. Not that, with proper maintenance, this device can last for a good number of years. Check the water hardness level. This is usually the problem and it can be fixed in no time. Just regularly clean the coffee maker and your brews will remain as tasty and as full of flavor as on day one. In case one of the parts fails, contact Keurig service; they are available 24/7 and address every problem promptly.

Next, we truly appreciated how the B60 is able to work with the good old ground coffee beans. Sure, the K-cups are impressive and they have an almost incredible variety of flavors, but there is just something about the way ground coffee tastes that puts it apart from the lot. And possibly the best thing about it is its ability to fill a 9.25 ounce mug in one go. There aren’t many coffee makers that can do that.

But if you ever get tired of coffee, you can try out tea, or just heat the water and make yourself some hot cocoa. Regardless of whatever tickles your fancy, the waiting time is usually under 4 minutes, with a cup refill period of 15 seconds. You will not find in any of the Keurig B60 reviews on the Web a single complaint about how long it takes for your cup of coffee to be ready.

The K-cups may be a bit hard to find, but that is in no way an insurmountable obstacle. Other than that, we did not find any disadvantage worth mentioning. While not a high end machine, the Keurig B60 is a best buy by far. We fully agree with other Keurig B60 reviews that say every dollar is being put to good use with this machine, so buy it with confidence.

Product Featured

  • Cool looking design with LED lights;
  • Multiple uses. Making coffee is just one feature;
  • Allows you to use ground beans;
  • Allows for a high variety of blends;
  • Large mugs can easily be filled;
  • K-pods are easy to use, and your morning drink will be remarkably fast to make;
  • Cheaper on the long run, better than getting your coffee from the shop every morning.

Keurig B70 Reviews – Very Good Quality

Many Keurig B70 reviews agree that this single cup coffee maker is at the higher end of its class. Concerning its features and what it can do, we definitely agree that this product is excellent.

The K-cup system offers a lot of blends to choose from, and not just coffee, but tea and hot cocoa, as well. Plus, it can be used for a number of other beverages as well, with a bit of imagination. The taste will be next to divine, anyway. Brew quality is up to Keurig’s standards and worth the investment.

For 200 dollars or so, you get the all of the above, plus a sleek design that will give your kitchen a bit of personality. The large travel mug is almost like a dedication to all the coffee junkies out there, and for that, we are all grateful. Imagine having to survive the day with a 5.25 oz cup, or even worse, with the 3.25 ounce one. Of course, other keurig b70 reviews found the small cups to be acceptable, so this actually might be a rather biased point of view.

The thing that truly is admirable about the B70 is the large selection of K-cups. This area is dominated clearly by Keurig and has the added benefit that any other of their coffee makers can use them too. In a way, that can be a problem, as you might be dumbfounded by all the possibilities available.

We also liked how the device works – it makes almost no sound at all. There are a number of competitors with similar quality levels, but the noise level tends to compensate that. That, and the fact they are missing an auto shut down feature. Clearly, this should be emphasized more often in Keurig B70 reviews.

It happens more than once to forget to shut down your coffee maker after using it, leading to wasted power and higher bills. The B70 deals away with that issue, thankfully.

The ROI comes quite fast, as the costs of a coffee cup from this machine float around 40-50 cents. That is a whole lot less than spending 4-5 dollars at a specialized coffee shop.
The downside concerning this single cup coffer maker resides in its price. Sure, the features are great and all, living up to its being considered a high end device, but most of its features can be found on cheaper coffee makers as well. In the end, as many keurig b70 reviews said, it all comes down to design and personal taste.

All in all, our conclusion favors the B70. Versatility, easy maintenance, beautiful design, outstanding brew quality, all point in favor of this coffee maker. But the decision is yours. Read some more Keurig B70 reviews, consider both the advantages and disadvantages, and make your choice.

Product Featured:

  • Large reservoir.
  •  5 brew sizes, including an 11.25 oz travel mug.
  •  Huge K-cup selection, more than 200 varieties.
  •  Automatic shut down, or programmable to shut down after a given time.
  •  Silent functioning.
  •  Simple to use and maintain.


A Quick Senseo 7810 Review

Since we’ve heard a lot of contrasting opinions about this device, we decided it would be quite helpful to make our own Senseo 7810 review. If the name of the product didn’t ring a bell, that means you are new to the world of coffee. Or maybe you are a life-long fan of this marvelous nectar, but you prefer to prepare it in the traditional way. Regardless under which category you fall, take our word for it  this is a coffee maker worth considering.

The first thing you need to know is that this device is found at the lower end of its segment. Which means it doesn’t have any fancy features and that the price is very affordable. It also means this is the most suitable single cup machine to have, should you want to familiarize yourself with these devices.

Now, the purpose of this senseo 7810 review is to highlight some of the product’s important features, as well as any possible negative aspects.

As previously mentioned, this is an entry level product. For the very decent price of 70 dollars, on average, the Senseo performs remarkably. It has a very pleasant aspect too, and when you combine that with the small size of 9.2 x 13.8 x 14.6 inches, it’s bound to attract some envious looks from your guests.

Ok, let’s take a closer look at some of the aforementioned features

We mentioned 3 minutes of waiting time, but that only is valid in the case of the first cup. The next cups will be ready in less than a minute. So, it’s safe to qualify the device as very fast, and other Senseo 7810 review sites back up our opinion.

Next, we have the outstanding taste and aroma of the coffee it makes. Its mechanisms must work very well, since Senseo has managed to get the same bouquet from coffee pods, as if they were original ground coffee beans. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Plus,in senseo 7810 review, you can choose from a number of 4 traditional coffee blends, and a number of more chic ones, like Paris Vanilla Bistro.

The reservoir holds enough water for 5 cups of coffee to be made. But there is a small impediment here. Those cups are 4 oz each, so if used to fill large mugs of coffee, things could get a little sad. And this Senseo 7810 review required a good number of cups to pull off. However, it’s true you have a deeper filter that can hold 2 cups at once, or one 8 once mug. Overall, it’s an acceptable amount of coffee for just about everybody.

Using the machine is fairly simple, as the Senseo only has a few buttons to push. The reservoir is easy to handle as well, and maintenance work only involves regular cleaning. Also, a number of accessories can be bought, such as the double-sized reservoir.

In the end, given the price tag and its performances, it is safe to say this low end coffee maker is on the recommendation list. We sure liked it, and we truly hope that our Senseo 7810 review will help you make a good decision.

Product Featured:

  •  A cup of coffee is ready in about 3 minutes.
  •  Good overall coffee quality.
  •  A large reservoir of water, for heavy drinkers.
  •  Easy to use and maintain.
  •  Small size.

Essential Coffee Facts

Ok, these aren’t essential, but I think that they’re interesting!
The US spends over $4bn importing coffee each year; this helps supply the 100 million daily coffee drinkers, almost a third of which prefer a specialty brew (such as a latte, cappucciono, mocha, etc). So that’s 54% of the adult population of the US that drinks a coffee every day (normally during breakfast time). And the average price of a brewed coffee? $1.38 (almost double at $2.45 for an espresso-based coffee, such as an americano).

Health Benefits?

There are popular myths about the magical health benefits of drinking coffee… sadly, none have received conclusive proof and there’s a hotly disputed set of findings from the various researchers who disagree with each other about the validity of their findings.

One chemical that almost everyone knows is in coffee is caffeine. A typical cup of coffee contains about 200mg of caffeine. Find out more about the statistics of coffee consumption in the US.

Why Brew Your Own Coffee?

If you really enjoy drinking coffee but don’t relish the high prices of your local coffee shop, then the home best affordable coffee maker is just the perfect machine for you. Just imagine waking up on a nasty winter morning and brewing your favorite choice of gourmet coffee while reading the paper. Perhaps even pouring a big thermal travel mug for the trip to the office so that by the time you arrive at work you will be ready to start the day.

About Our Reviews

There are hundreds of coffee makers of various types out there which have a tendency to make purchasing one a headache. The vast majority have had reviews either by past purchasers or expert review writers. Some of the tougher questions are:

  • What features are really necessary?
  • What models are the top rated in your price range?
  • Can you get a discount if you buy online?

If you’re like me, you’ll want to read up on the subject, look at the makers that have a particular feature I need, or are in the price range I can afford, and then search for the best place to source the machine I’ve chosen.

If you do your research you will soon find that the highest cost machine does not always make it is the best brewer choice for you. The higher priced coffee equipment tends to be filled with features that not everyone will need or want. For some, a coffee maker that can be programmed to brew at the same time each day is very important but then again others find this feature is not needed because they want to brew when they want to brew; instead you might want an espresso machine for the perfect tiny cup to kick-start your day. Whatever you’re after, I’m sure that my reviews will help you narrow down the field to help you select the best machine.

What are the Different Types of Coffee Maker?

There are hundreds of different machines from dozens of different brands, but all fall into one of a half-dozen groups. These are the main options:

Filter coffee machines

The ‘traditional’ coffee maker that you’ll find in more kitchens than any other. You fill a container at the top of the machine with cold water in the top of the machine; the water’s then heated and drips into a filter filled with ground coffee and into a carafe or jug below. The carafe is normally kept warm with a hot plate. You’ll find a range of extra features, such as a programmable timer, permanent filter, water filter and more. Best of all, you can use any ground coffee.

Pod or capsule coffee machines

A newer arrival and one that’s caused a storm, simply because it’s so easy to use and produces good, consistent coffee. The ground coffee is provided in a small, pre-packaged capsule which you load into the coffee machine. The machine has a container that you fill with water; the maker pierces a hole in the capsule, heats the water and passes the hot water through the capsule and into a coffee cup. You then throw away the capsule – no mess, no cleaning required. You are limited to the range of coffee provided by the manufacturer of the coffee capsule system (there are several, including Nespresso and K-cup).


A very traditional, low-tech solution to brewing coffee. The original versions are made of metal and have three parts: you fill the bottom with water, put the ground coffee into the middle and then screw on the top. The whole percolator is then heated on a stove (or you can now get electric versions). The stove boils the water at the bottom which turns to steam and passes up through the coffee. The coffee-flavored steam then cools and condenses as coffee in the top part of the percolator. Very simple, effective and can be used anywhere from a camping stove to your kitchen.

Pump espresso maker

This is a home version of the espresso makers you find in a coffee shop. They feature a high pressure water heater that passes the hot water or steam through the ground coffee at both the perfect temperature and perfect pressure to extract the most flavor from the ground coffee. This then produces one or two small espresso cup-fulls of coffee. Normally these makers also include a steam milk heater and frother so they can double as a capuccinno or latte maker.

Bean-to-cup maker

This type of coffee machine includes a container at the top filled with whole coffee beans. It automatically grinds the right amount of beans for your coffee, then brews a great cup from the freshly-ground coffee beans.

Features to Look Out For

Most of the time future consumers as well as professional coffee drinkers get confused in the wide variety of best affordable coffee maker and then finally end up in purchasing the coffee maker that does not meet their needs.

Coffee Maker Reviews will supply you with the fact finding advice on all things related to coffee makers and their accessories plus help you avoid a rushed decision that can lead to an unpleasant purchase.

We provide you with all the information and coffee maker reviews from a wide range of major brands and some of the lesser known coffee makers too and thus turn you into a knowledgeable consumer.

In order to understand the huge amount of information on this website you must first know exactly what your current needs are for your best affordable coffee maker.

This begins simply by knowing, which coffee you want to make the most (and all the varieties of it), the surroundings of your coffee maker or if your lifestyle includes big parties with lots of friends, which may require special models of coffee makers, or smaller more intimate gatherings.

Some top of the line high cost models don’t necessarily mean the best coffee makers in every area, even though some of the latest fully automatic models can be true one stop technical marvels. My site will give you the skinny so you don’t waste your hard earned money. More information.

Best Buy Single Cup Coffee Maker

Looking for single cup coffee maker reviews? Check out the Keurig B60, as it is a great deal if you want to have a perfect cup of coffee every morning. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to clean and the coffee is always delicious. You can have full control over the process, by choosing temperature, the brewing time for every drink and the cup size. The device uses K-cups, which come in different varieties and tastes. And it’s an appliance that the whole family can enjoy. While you enjoy your cup of coffee, the kids can drink hot chocolate or tea prepared with the same Keurig B60

The good

Among the best affordable coffee maker reviews online, the ones for Keurig B60 are numerous and almost all extremely favorable. Satisfied customers talk about its great features and the easy cleanup.

The fact that you can control temperature and brewing time makes coffee more enjoyable, no matter the occasion. If you are in a rush, you can preset a shorter brewing time, and the coffee will still turn out delicious.

Another of its strengths is its versatility. You can prepare different types of coffee, hot chocolate or tea with it.

Last, but not least, Keurig B60 has a stylish design, an intuitive LCD display with blue backlights and a digital clock to help you set the brewing time. It looks great in the kitchen and makes delicious coffee every time.

The bad

The problem with every single cup coffee maker is that you can only make a single cup of coffee at a time, of course. If you have guests, it might be difficult to brew coffee for every person using the Keurig B60.

Also, K-cups are not easy to find in stores. However, you can always order some on the internet. There is such a great variety of flavors that you might have a hard time choosing between them.

I Love a Coffee!

This drink has been my obsession for far too long, and I want to share with you what I have learned and experienced along the way. I’ve just discovered that it now ranks as the most popular drink in the world. Wow! So in my own little way, hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading this guide as much as I did creating them.

So please, read the reviews and drop me a note if you want to share your thoughts on a particular maker, gourmet blend or method of brewing a cup.

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